Potting & Conformal Coating


Printed circuit boards and cable connections destined for moist and dusty external environments require protection from the elements by incorporating potting or conformal coating.

For those PCBA assemblies that require security protection from reverse engineering, potting encapsulation is a must.

Incorporating potting and conformal coating within the PCBA manufacturing process provides distinct advantages. The majority of contract manufacturers will engage a third party for potting and conformal coating service, adding additional freight charges and time delays. This method introduces the risk of damage to the assembled PCBA's from unnecessary shipping and handling being inserted into the manufacturing process.

Every customer has a specific requirement

CE3 Electronics has the knowledge, capability and resources to perform potting and conformal coating services in-house, keeping quality control standards, traceability and security in check while avoiding added freight and handling costs to your bottom line.

Some Industries Served

  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • GPS Tracking Systems
  • Marine and Naval Communications
  • Freight Management Systems
  • HVAC and Industrial Controls