Wiring Harnesses


CE3 Electronics excels in manufacturing of sophisticated custom wire harnesses of various complexities from basic I/O and power to harnesses many meters in length with hundreds of termination.

Our tooling selection is constantly growing in order to permit a perfect crimp for every termination. Our wire harness tables are electronically wired to provide continuity checks for each and every wire.

At CE3 Electronics you can rely on our consistent and professional workmanship.

CE3 Wire Harness Capabilities

  • High and Low Volume Production
  • High Speed Wire Cutting and Stripping Process
  • Automated Terminating
  • Wire Coding and Identification
  • Semi-rigid and Semi-flexible Cables
  • Crimp-Connection Pull Test Facilities
  • Computer Controlled Testing and Verification
  • On Time Delivery
  • UL Approved Cable Program

Industries Served

  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Chassis Wiring and Assembly
  • Control Panel Wiring
  • Telco / Datacom Communications